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(pubblicato 20/04/2016)

Nel 2016 due squadre del circolo disputeranno il campionato provinciale D4 di tennis.
La squadra A capitanata da Mauro Lucotti sarà composta da:
  • Bosio Luca
  • Caleffi Emiliano
  • Della Mele Andrea
  • Della Mele Michele
  • Ferrari Rocco
  • Lanzetti Matteo
  • Lucotti MAuro
  • Miceli Simone
  • Pasotto Pierluigi
  • Silla Claudio
La squadra B capitanata da Lauro Cantarelli sarà composta da:
  • Bortolotti Pietro
  • Bozzetti Mirko
  • Cantarelli Lauro
  • Carboni Alberto
  • Cerati Milko Giuseppe
  • Cortellazzi Marzio
  • Lukianenko Feodor
  • Silla Alberto
  • Simonazzi Lorenzo
  • Simonazzi Rossano

Lo scorso anno le due squadre hanno ottenuto la qualificazione nella fase a gironi e una è arrivata in semifinale sfiorando la qualificazione per il campionato D3.

Di seguito i calendari:

Nella foto: le due squadre che hanno disputato il campionato provinciale D4 nel 2015.


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Prenotazioni campi da Tennis

Pubblichiamo le istruzioni per utilizzare il nuovo sistema di prenotazione online per usufruire dei campi da Tennis.
Invitiamo i soci a leggere attentamente il volantino allegato.

Cliccare sul link per le istruzioni istruzioni gestionale fit

Link al sito Amicidelpo.circolofit.it per la gestione delle prenotazioni.


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How exactly to Produce Cause Effect Paper or An Underlying Cause Essay

Let us let you know that everyone has their very own method of drawing before we get down to discussing tips and the strategies of sketching. What is most effective for somebody may not necessarily work for you, but that doesn’t suggest you’re going inappropriate or you will unable to do-it. You might have noticed the word "training makes man ideal " nonetheless it thus is valid! Remember – wonders do not happen overnight if you consistently and busily perform DIFFICULT TO MAKE THEM OCCUR. Never trash your past work, even though it’s not around damage, but keep it to observe your advance. Leggi il resto »

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How to Conquer a Lack of Instructional Confidence

Nobody loves to tune in to a speaker whose points are difficult to follow or spread. A plan for an insightful talk makes it possible to maintains you proceeding in the event that you get anxious and forget your details and remember most of your points. You are also kept by it from finding off-topic. There is a superb outline is a necessity to showing comfortable and keeping the market employed. Things You May Need 3×5 that are covered or directory cards Instructions Jot down just of information you think you might wish to use within your talk. Leggi il resto »

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In data odierna vengono pubblicati i bilanci 2015 e relativi documenti che verranno presentati all’assemblea dei soci del 23 aprile.

I documenti sono visibili ai soli utenti registrati.


Accesso Riservato! ISCRIVITI o ACCEDI



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Steps to Start a Publishing Job

DIY projects for that house are not simply most of the trend, but include customization and persona for your area. And as any decorator can inform you, lighting is essential for the overall structure of one’s home. Building custom lights are a perfect method to incorporate that feel that is unique to your dwelling areas, especially when you have an emotional attachment to the things applied. For instance; that trip to the seaside obtained you piles of covers that you just’ve had sitting in a field for decades. Leggi il resto »

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How to Compose a Topic Phrase

Orbs are a type of supernatural phenomena considered to be actual evidence of character photography by cat hunters and several paranormal investigators. Orbs were identified through the late 1990s on camera however many authorities, including sources and psychics, consider humans while in the world have not have endured for centuries, but simply observed them. A maybe earlier sign of orbs was Spirit Photography’s popular activity through the late-nineteenth century. During the time sances were not unusual and once the movement expanded, photography was also being designed. Leggi il resto »

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Orari Segreteria

Pubblichiamo gli orari della segreteria al quale fare riferimento per la stagione estiva.

oraro estivi amici del po

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